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    Spreading real History



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    Spreading real History

    Post  Rajasekhar97 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:58 pm

    we have to learn real history analyze it and spread the content like sharing with friends.

    exposing the ruling families and their generations of horrific crimes against humanity. The most powerful form of advertising is world of mouth. Share information, talk about it, name names, recommend books, videos and websites. Form your own study group and solutions group. Share websites and books, show videos, films and DVDs. Raise money, give money, organize, lobby, email and do whatever you can to stop the madness.

    Millions of people around the world who protested the invasion of Iraq, learned a hard lesson. They learned that peaceful protests don't work. Since the committee of 300 created think-tanks to mastermind the plan for global control, citizens must also create think-tanks to mastermind the plan to stop them.

    Learn who the past and present members of the committee of 300 are. At the top of the list are the royal families of Britain and Denmark. The international banking families and the affiliated political families. Find time to research and read about the committee of 300. Dig beneath the hype and propaganda and share your information.

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