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    Wastage of food in Indian weddings


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    Wastage of food in Indian weddings

    Post  desert.sandy on Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:01 pm

    Wastage of food in Indian weddings
    Indians are by nature known to spend lavishly on weddings; even the balanced middle class will take out their life's saving and spend generously on their children's wedding. Marriage lawns and gardens, bridal wears, and great dinner are must.
    INDIAN WEDDINGS are very bright events, filled with rituals and celebrations for several days. Indians are by nature known to spend lavishly on weddings; even the balanced middle class will take out their life’s saving and spend generously on their children’s wedding. Winters are the seasons of marriages as we all know that around this time of the year many marriages took place. Marriage lawns and gardens, bridal wears, salon, beauty parlour and great dinner are must.

    Indian marriages are mostly ‘arranged’. It is said that it is not only the two persons who get married but also the two families who get married to each other. Therefore, Indian parents still play a big role in finding a bride or groom for their children.

    How much noise we all make about our economic development in India but we can never deny the fact that our country also hosts one of the biggest population of starving people in the world. We need to realise that there are so many people out there who barely manage a single meal a day.

    We all have attended Indian wedding parties but how many of us realise how much food goes into waste during such functions? And how many have noticed poor kids scanning the garbage bin to get something to eat?

    Biggest source of food wasted is in Indian weddings. The way food is eaten and wasted in weddings is an eye opener for everybody because extra food has been prepared to make sure everyone is well fed knowing the fact of their expected wastage. People like to taste everything as much as they can take. Most of us have seen that food get thrown in garbage not because it is stale but it is in excess of what has already been consumed and don’t know what to do with that and this regularly happens at the end of marriage or any functions. Piles of dishes of excess food are thrown into the garbage bin even knowing that ghee, meat, sugar and vegetable are touching new records day by day. And still we see the kind of wastage of food in weddings.

    To avoid the wastage of food, the left overs should be given to the neighbors, or the nearby poor people or should be sent to the orphanage Minimising food wastage is something that all of us individually can work towards and in the process help those who are not as fortunate as we are.


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    Re: Wastage of food in Indian weddings

    Post  Admin on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:59 am

    Yes. You are right. There will always be a colossal waste of food in indian weddings. Although the might be a buffet system, still people prefer to waste food. There has been a wrong notion among most of our indians that marriage feast should have varieties and should be lavish. Even the so called educated people also tend to waste food. Why don't they just take the right amount of food that will be enough? The use of plastic further worsens the scene. When I was living in hyderabad, I used to see some people illegally conducting marriage feasts on open lands that are owned by some one or even the govt. Mostly, these people belong to the backward class. I have seen them throw plastic cups lavishly. And at the end of the feast, hell lots of litter will be dumped near the road. Stray dogs and cows eat those litter, mostly containing plastic, die. Due to the water drops sticking to the plastic, thus facilitating breeding of mosquitoes. The whole litter stinks with rotten vegetables and non-veg, until the so called MCH clean up the place. Frankly man, these people should be stripped and lashed severely. Evil or Very Mad

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